About Us
The founding partners are:

David Johnson

A successful serial entrepreneur in both the content and high tech industries, David has created and sold several well respected businesses.  His work has received many accolades, including recognition from Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Business Week.

Anna Copley

Anna is an attorney and has practiced in both the corporate and non-profit world.

TheFuneralSite.com is a production of Olla, LLC.
TheFuneralSite.com about us

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We are a husband and wife team.

We are an independent company, and not a subsidiary of any corporation. We are not part of any funeral home, insurance company or casket company. Our business is financed strictly by advertising in our local and national directories.

We believe in the importance of gathering friends and family together to mark significant events.

We believe that funerals should be openly talked about and planned well in advance of a death and that the elements of the gathering should be as unique and personal as the life of the person being honored.

Our mission is to provide information for people planning funerals, so that they can be prepared and thoughtful about how they celebrate and remember the lives of those they love.             
                                -- David and Anna