Video tribute
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Video tributes are a collection of old photographs and old videotapes put together to create a  documentary of a person's life.  Often a music sound track and family interviews are added. 

Video tributes have become very popular at funerals. Now many funeral homes can create these tributes using a computer software program. Many funeral homes have large screen TVs in their chapels to facilitate viewing a video tribute during funeral ceremonies. 

Video tributes are not strictly provided by funeral homes. Small businesses have sprung up across the United States specializing in the creation of video tributes.  A key word search for "Video tribute (town name)" will probably yield a couple of results.

Some companies create high quality art films out of the collected photographs and interview. 

Funeral directors report that people often find the video tribute the most moving portion of the funeral service.

Video tributes can be reproduced onto a DVD or placed online for additional viewing.  Funeral homes may provide one complimentary DVD to the family and charge a fee for additional copies.
Video/DVD Tributes