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scattering ashes
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scattering ashes
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Ashes - Scattering by Boat

Ashes can be sent via the mail to boat companies that will scatter ashes into the ocean or other body of water. See the Product Gallery under Ash Scattering & More  for companies that scatter ashes by boat.

Cremated remains can be scattered from a boat over an ocean or other body of water. This is one version of a burial at sea.

Some states require the cremated remains literally be scattered over the water; other states allow the use of a scattering urn.

A water-soluble scattering urn can enhance the scattering experience. These urns are specifically designed to gradually disperse the ashes. Ashes cast directly into the water will often blow back at the boat and cling to the sides of the boat. This can be both frustrating and unsightly. A water-soluble scattering urn usually will float for several minutes then slowly sink where it will degrade or melt. The survivors will often toss flowers or petals as a tribute as the urn drifts away.

You do not need to live by the ocean to have cremated remains scattered into an  ocean. Cremated remains can be mailed to a scattering company, which will provide the service. Often, the company will provide a video recording of the scattering for those unable to attend.
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